Silly Goose - Logo & Package Design

Silly Goose is a hypothetical brewing company that needed a logo and package designs for their cans of beer. Their target market is millennial beer drinkers and the challenge for this project was to make their brand to stand out to their target audience on the shelves.

I designed a logo that helps to communicate the fun nature of this brand. He is facing backwards in his sail boat, but he doesn’t care because he is enjoying himself. The goose himself is ‘S’ shaped to look like the ‘S’ in word ‘Silly’. Going into this project, I knew I wanted to animate this logo,so it was designed with this in mind.

Some of the most enjoyable times to have a refreshing beverage are when you don’t have any plans and you have some time to enjoy. This feeling of delightful uncertainty was something that I wanted to communicate in the packaging. Geometric and abstract shapes and bright colours might require you to take a look at something for an extra second to understand it, but instead of feeling like work it needs to feel like a visual adventure. I feel like I accomplished this in my designs, making them each feel very different and yet related to each other.