Cat Treat Logo and Packaging Design

For our packaging class in school we were challenged to create packaging for a food product. I decided to create packaging for cat treats.

Since I decided that the target market of this product was Millennials, I researched the correlation between their high percentage of pet ownership and lower percentage of those deciding to have children. A lot of these folks even call their pets their ‘babies’. With this in mind, I wanted to design packaging that is bright, colourful, and friendly, something you would be excited to get for your kid.

I started with creating the logo for Little Charlie’s, which would be intended for cat products while not necessarily being limited to treats/food products in the future. To achieve this, I included a cat in the logo but no food product.

I thought about how this product might be displayed in store and looked into kinds of packaging that can both stand up on its own and keep food fresh. A Doypack with interior foil coating was what I ultimately decided would be the best option. To make the product stand out from its competitors I added cat ears to the top of the bag, just above the easy tear strip. A consideration I made for improving this packaging would be to include a punch out hole at the top centre, in case they wanted to hang them in store.

Cat Treats Package Design by Taylor Krulick

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